After the development of application, website, and software, testing is the most important factor. We have a team of highly experienced testers to test your website and application before and after launch. They test from every aspect like responsive, design view, functionality, front end, backend each and everything.

If you get the best website developed but it gets any issue into any content form, payment form or anywhere else after launch then it may cause loss of your audience. So we make sure your web or app is 100% ok from every aspect.

So if you want to get the best services for website testing, application testing, software testing at an affordable cost then contact us. We do both manual and automation testing according to client’s requirements.


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Unit testing

Know-How to do unit testing

In unit testing every block of the software/website/application tested one by one to make sure everything is working fine. As this is clear from the name ‘Unit” is the smallest part of every software or web/app so in this tester test, every component manually or by automation tools. Best practice for unit testing: 1) Arrange every unit, act one by one, assert 2) Choose one assert per test method 3) Try to avoid test interdependency 4) Keep every unit small, visible & sweet 5) Add those units to the build

Smoke testing

learn about smoke testing

Smoke testing is a software testing also known as build verification testing. This determines whether the build is stable or not if stable then the QA team can move ahead for testing otherwise not. There are many ways to perform smoke testing 1) Manual Smoke Testing 2) Smoke Testing by Automation Tools 3) Smoke testing Cycle

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Beta Testing

Most Important step in testing

Beta testing is actually the kind of testing done by end-users, this is useful to check the functionality of the product, the usability of the product and many more features. We can say it the final step for the testing, users can give a review to our product according to their opinion. We just review their opinions and can make changes to our product if we find it useful. Basic steps in beta testing are: 1) Planning 2) Participants requirement 3) Launch of the product as a beta version. 4) collect the reviews from end-users 5) Evaluate Reviews 6) Closure



As the name indicates interface testing is to check if the connection between 2 software is correct or not. Mostly 2 components of interface testing are common. Those are: 1) App server and web server 2) DB server and App server 3) Development and Configuration 4) Validation 5) Maintenance

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