Online Reputation Management is the process of building a reputation, filtering the negative factors affecting the image
reputation of a person, organization or brand, and maintaining a positive reputation for lead generation. Reputation management is an important aspect responsible for the elevated growth of your business or brand.

The process depends on three factors mentioned below:

Building: The process of filtering negative factors with the positive content or image of the business or person.
Maintaining: The process of maintaining an online reputation involves keeping a track of the negative factors and maintaining a positive and good reputation all the time.
Recovery: The process involves to get rid of the negative factors affecting the reputation of a person or business.

At Ingenious Hi-Tech, we have skilled professionals who have experienced and use the latest techniques to manage, build or recover the online reputation of the business or person.

Our Online Reputation Management Services Include: 

  • Brand Reputation management
  • Corporate reputation management services
  • Personal Reputation Management
  • Hotel & Restaurant Reputation Management
  • Hospital Reputation Management Services
  • Online Reputation management for politicians & celebrities

At Ingenious Hi-tech, we focus on below-mentioned points to remove negative factors of the business or person from Google

  • Creating your image
  • Maintaining your positive reputation
  • Manage Reviews
  • Consulting
  • Monitoring
  • Brand Identity
  • Social Reputation
  • Remove Content

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