PHP is an abbreviation for "PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor" is a prominent universally useful scripting language that is particularly fit to web. This is integral asset for making dynamic and intuitive Web pages.PHP code is executed on the server. What You Should Already Know. Before you proceed with you ought to have a fundamental comprehension of the accompanying:
2) CSS
3) JavaScript

> PHP is allowed to download and utilize
> PHP is an astonishing and well known language!
> It is ground-breaking enough to be at the center of the greatest blogging framework on the web (WordPress)!
> It is profound enough to run the biggest informal organization (Facebook)!
> It is additionally simple enough to be a novice's first server side language!

PHP documents can contain content, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code. PHP code are executed on the server, and the outcome is come back to the program as plain HTML PHP documents have expansion ".php".

PHP can generate dynamic page content, It can read, write, delete and close files on server. So, we can use php for multiple server site tasks.

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