Search Engine Optimization

A company is missing a big chunk of its own target market if it has not implemented an effective SEO strategy. Merely having a website is not enough, you need to bring it in front of your target audience and for that you need SEO.

Websites and other digital marketing assets must have that pull effect that gets you leads and new business. When you appear on top in more research results, you are likely to get more traffic and eventually more business. Ingenious Hitech follows a systematic approach that produces the best SEO results for its clients.

The process begins with a detailed discussion with the client to know the goals of the marketing campaign, target audience, business USP and other details. Once our team has all the details, we conduct SEO Audit of the website and do competitor analysis. A detailed report is sent to the client. Errors and issues are resolved under the On-page SEO services. Website is made compatible with Google guidelines. This step ensures that the website is ready for Off- page tasks. Off-page tasks are initiated based on the chosen keywords, location, and industry niche.

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